How do I notify users about important posts on Workplace?

When a post is marked as important, a user will receive a notification regardless of their notification settings.
An admin can also choose to send an email notification. If an email notification is sent, it will be delivered to each group member even if they have previously chosen not to receive email notifications.
Sending additional notifications
The admin or content moderator who originally marked the post as important has the ability to send follow-up notifications at any time.
To send additional notifications:
  1. Go to the group the important post was made in.
  2. Click Notify underneath the post.
  3. Choose whether to send a notification to either People who haven't seen your post or People who haven't clicked the button on your post.
  4. Choose whether you would also like to send an email notification to your chosen audience.
  5. Click Send.
Only the admin, content moderator or user with custom permissions who originally marked this post as important will be able to send additional notifications. Additional notifications can not be sent immediately after the the initial notification was sent.
There is no limit on the number of times that notifications can be sent after that, but the notify option will no longer be available once all group members have seen your post.
You can also see the performance of posts that you mark as important on Workplace.
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