What types of integrations are available for the Workplace groups I administer?

Workplace provides admins of Workplace groups a range of integrations that can help you manage your group, automatically publish content and notifications into your group and help your team stay connected to the files and documents they're working on.
As a group admin, you can subscribe to a feed of content from a range of business publications. You can also set up custom feeds from any service that supports RSS or Atom. When new content becomes available in these feeds, it will be automatically posted to your group.
Linked Folders
You can link your Workplace group to a folder stored in a cloud storage service. This grants all group members access to the folder, enables easier sharing of content from the cloud storage service and enables rich previews of the content within Workplace. The cloud storage services we support include Box, Dropbox, Quip, SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Drive.
Integrations by Your Organization
Your system admin may have set up custom integrations that connect Workplace with the other tools your business uses. You may choose to enable these in your group. Depending on the integration's purpose, this might enable the integration to post into your group, manage your group or message the members of the group.
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