How do I add people to Workplace without email addresses?

This page is only applicable to system admins on Workplace.
As a system admin, you can choose to add employees without email addresses but via mobile phone number or by distributing an access code if they do not have a work email address or mobile number.
First of all, you need to enable this:
  1. Click Admin PanelAdmin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Joining and access requests section.
  4. Click Compose next to Profile creation with access codes and Profile creation with mobile number depending on what you want to enable.
  5. Select Turn on for each option.
  6. Click Save for each option.
Click the sections below to find out more about how you can add people to Workplace without email addresses, and convert email account users to email-less.
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