What are the stages of Workplace user account creation?

There are 3 stages to creating a new user account in Workplace:
  1. Provision: Create a user account within your Workplace instance. The user is not notified at this stage.
  2. Invite: Allow a provisioned user to claim their account. The user is notified.
  3. Claim: The invited user activates their Workplace account.
How you invite your users to Workplace will determine whether their account is created as provisioned or invited. A user becomes a billable person when they move from provisioned to invited.
Until coworkers are invited to use Workplace, they won't know that they have a provisioned account. When an account is in a provisioned state:
  • The user can't claim their account and any attempts to do so will fail.
  • The user won't receive any emails or other notifications from Workplace.
  • You will not be billed for the account.
When you're ready for your coworkers to claim their account, you'll invite them to Workplace.
Once they're invited, your colleagues will receive an email inviting them to claim their account through a uniquely generated URL. For Single Sign On-enabled accounts, members will also have the option of claiming by logging into Workplace through your configured SSO service.
Note: Joiners or leavers during the month are billed pro rata. This is unless your contract specifies otherwise.
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